Introducing Okedoki: Artist in Residence


We thought it would be fitting to put a face (and a name) to the familiar handle of our current Artist in Residence on today’s exciting occasion of Benny the Dreamer’s releaseOkedoki‘s real name is Tam. She is the youngest of seven children, was raised Buddhist and has broken her left ankle twice. This might have been while she played competitive soccer or during her time as the captain of a dragon boat team (“I yell at people and tell them to paddle harder”).

Tam was born in Vietnam and now resides in Alberta, Canada. She has loved to draw since she was very young. These days, she is an artist, an acupuncturist and an herbalist. She helps people every day through her practice and also as the Board Director for the Helping Hands of Hope Foundation. She’s one of those people who not only creates characters, but also has character. Good character. I couldn’t have asked for an artist more suited to kick off what will hopefully become a regular column here on Jeremyriad.

Tam is a cancer survivor. She underwent treatment while creating her original character, Benny The Dreamer (released today here). She has shared a lot with me while we set up her Artist in Residence, and there is much more to come. I am impressed with her talent as an artist and her strength as a person. This week, Tam is working a fundraiser in Vancouver.

First art toy purchased? Series 3 Dunny Bubble Girl by Tilt.
Most coveted art toy on your wishlist? Kaws x Yue Minjin Art for the Masses piece
Art movement (throughout time) you find most interesting? Renaissance
Artistic heroes? Michelangelo, Klimt, Josh Keyes, Banksy, Francesco de Molfetta, Markie Darkie
Interests outside of art and toys? holistic medicine
Person (living or dead) you’d like to spend a day with? Ghandhi or Tina Fey
Dogs or cats? I love dogs, I would have 10 of them if I could…
Forest, desert, mountains or beach? forest
Favorite shade of green? green tea ice cream green….yum
Formative experience? going through cancer
Recent accomplishment? Benny the Dreamer [ed: available now]
Disturbing dream? I’m back in high school, yikes!
Surprising fact? I eat a lot!!!
Surprising process? I like watching documentaries, the office, and the bachelor (this is very embarrassing!) while I paint.
Guilty pleasure? french fries
Perfect Day? A cup of green tea with a good book and not getting out of my pajamas!
Early Ambition? I wanted to be a cop when I was young.
New Ambition? to live off the grid and off the land