Popping and Locking: Dancing With Stars You Might Actually Recognize

Breaking Bad Dancing by Jesse Longeran

Jesse Lonergan is a cartoonist from outside Boston, and he’s currently 22 tumblr pages into a 365-day drawing challenge called Dancer-a-Day. The assignment is an ambitious slacker odyssey that pairs pop culture characters with pop music. For instance, Lonergan’s illustration of Breaking Bad characters (above) comes accompanied by this punny little shout-out to MJ: “And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again, who’s Breaking Bad…”

Teen Wolf Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

Why dancing? Why not? Longeran likes dancing. Just not dancing to Led Zeppelin:

I was born in California, grew up in Saudi Arabia and Vermont, graduated from Hampshire College, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan. I like dancing, P.G. Wodehouse books, English grammar, and The Clash. I don’t like large groups, quibbling about how much everyone owes on a dinner check, or Led Zeppelin.

Longeran’s cast of characters is way better (and arguably, more famous) than any season of Dancing With the Stars. His dancers are comic book superheroes and villains, 80s movie characters and geek icons.

Sloth Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

Fun stuff. Click through to see what kind of moves Inspector Gadget’s got.

Inspector Gadget Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

Barbarella Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

Alfred E. Neuman Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

Tron Dancing by Jesse Lonergan

[ Beautiful Decay]