Update to the Curl of Sandwich!

AnnatheRed's Jeremy Sandwich

I bet we all thought that the story of my face as a ham and cheese sandwich would end with digestion. Wrong! It was just over a year ago when sculptor and food artist, Anna the Red, created this complex (in skill and palette) edible portrait of me. We hadn’t met (yet), but I’d been a fan of her bento box art. Anna is pretty much responsible for me starting a “Food Art” category on my blog, and I’m still enamored with the idea of artistic people putting so much time and care into utterly ephemeral artwork.

AnnatheRed and Jeremy and The Sandwich

In any event, I was able to assist Anna with some information she needed for a project, she made me this thank you sandwich, and sometime after eating it, she and Derek (below) moved from Brooklyn to San Diego…which enabled us all to meet up during Comic-Con! (Derek is the beneficiary of most of Anna’s delicious bento, but it is worth mentioning that in the case of my face, Anna consumed me herself.)

Derek and Anna the Red

How did Anna find me amid the nerd herd circling the exhibition hall floor? I think after studying her subject and recreating my stubble with seaweed, she probably could safely pick me out of a crowd. Now, we both have keepsake photos of the sandwich signed by each other! I will cherish it forever, and I look forward to what she cooks up next. Put this link in your RSS reader at once.

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