Eat Like an Anglophile with Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox eating like an anglophile for Jaffa Cakes

I’m a big fan of the whimsical work of Dominic Wilcox [tagged], and his latest creation is a perfect fit for today’s theme of edible art. Here’s how McVitie‘s describes challenging Wilcox to make art with Jaffa Cakes:

One day, we woke up and thought “wouldn’t it be nice if someone nibbled works of art out of Jaffa Cakes?” – we’re a bit weird like that. As luck would have it, this chap called Dominic Wilcox popped up; he told us that he’s dead good at arty stuff (probably comes with being an actual artist)… and he only went and did it! We’ve got to admit, we’re properly impressed – and more than a little bit flattered with our new official ‘muse’ status.

Hey McVitie’s! I’m a hungry, American anglophile. Hook a brother up with some biscuits!

Wilcox writes:

I took my inspiration from friends who described their strange and unique methods of eating them. I started to nibble and pick away, going through 30 boxes of Jaffa Cakes to try to get shapes that fitted with my British themed ideas. One problem I had was when I got distracted by the radio and then looked back to see I had eaten the Loch Ness monster.

Click through to check out his Jaffa Cake creations.