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Porcelain bong by Awmoo

Everybody’s talking about member’s only discount design site,, but it took a tweet about a porcelain bong to get me to register. Here’s what they write about the spherical device that will set you back $115:

The sleek and innovative shape, luxurious material and thoughtful functionality sets this smoking device miles apart from the Hookah pipes in your local oriental gift store. Each sphere is handmade by the finest American porcelain art sculptors using high quality bone china, a durable and substantial material with a brilliant white palette. A matte gloss finish is applied by hand for a smooth texture and to help simplify the cleaning process. The awmoo’s smart and elegant design allows for a more gentle and sophisticated way to smoke your favorite tobacco.

Here’s what I write:

I’m sure it looks great in person, but in photos it just looks like a styrofoam ball and a golf tee. Whoever set up the picture probably thought placing an apple in close proximity was a good indicator of size, but really, what it does is remind you that you could fabricate such a smoking device from the fruit and skip the purchase.

The “smoking device” is called an awmoo, and it was designed by Patrick Lupinsky. Although I’m not really feeling it, props to Lupinsky for throwing a minimalist, modern take on smoking paraphernalia into the hippie-dominated sphere. Also, big-ups to for selling porcelain that people might smoke pot out of. Register for here.

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