New Toy Art From Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys has a range of new editions out right now, including fresh colors for Knuckles, Ludo and Jett!

Blamo art Toys

The figurative sculptures are made of supple, tactile recycled leather bodies with hand-cast resin or hand-carved teak skulls. Most pieces feature a dash of brass. This is next-level toy art, for when your collection craves an addition more organic than designer vinyl.

Blamo Toys

Take a look back at Blamo’s last solo show, and check out what’s available here!

Blamo art toys

Here’s Blamo Toys’ Spencer Hansen, but is he a tiny man or are those Giant Rice Babies…?

Remember that unsewn Giant Rice Baby from last week? Here they are with @spencerblamo.