What It’s Like To Be a Dog Toy by Beep Show [VIDEO]

What It's Like to Be a Dog Toy

Cats and dogs are different. Cats are sophisticated aesthetes who take photographs and paint pictures, while dogs run along the shoreline chasing filthy plush toys. Yet, both felines and canines are wonderful beasties who provide us with love, companionship, entertainment and so much more.

Here now is a short video by Beep Show, a San Francisco-based time-lapse and stop motion photography studio. It’s called What It’s Like to be a Dog Toy, which is rather self-explanatory. They write: “Slow motion was done with Twixtor in AE CS5. Shot on a GoPro Hero. Black box on the dog’s collar is a remote unit used to vibrate if she swims out too far under the GG. [Golden Gate Bridge].” Fun!

Cuz and Creator, Ryan Rutherford
Cuz and Creator, Ryan Rutherford

On a related note, I suspect my buddy @wemakestuff knows a thing or two on this topic, having created Cuz, possibly the most ubiquitous dog toy on the planet. Read my interview with him here.