New Blue Ice Squbes from Playge

Playge Ice Sqube

Beat the winter blues with Ferg’s latest Ice Sqube. It’s been a minute since the last Sqube, so here’s Ferg in an interview we did for Design Bureau on the background of the Sqube:

The Sqube started as a sketch in 2D. I messed around with it on paper for a while with the idea of producing it as a sculpture. Eventually it made it onto a gig poster for Squarepusher. People really seemed to respond to the concept so from there it was modeled into 3D and then produced in physical form. Now there are 1″ stainless, 4″ ABS and 16″ fiberglass versions. I’ll probably continue to make them in various materials and sizes. A 12″ concrete version might be cool.

The new blue Ice Squbes from Playge drop in an edition of 200 pieces in an hour, today at 10AM PST for $55 each here. Take a look back at my favorite green Sqube here. Ever wonder what it would be like to live inside a Sqube?