Korean Farting Baby Doll Toy

This video raises a lot of questions. Thankfully, Google Translator does a bang-up job with Korean:

Cheap Mamma kkwigo eat, fart, poo. Serial is woven from witchcraft a plate off with a spoon. Face-to-face with the spoon in your mouth kongsunyi serial product disappears. Filled, kongsunyi times you press “ppo ~ ~ ong Carquefou tring” fart kongsunyi laugh. Pooch appears to sit on the toilet kongsunyi himyeon water down. “Shoot ~ ~” with the sound of water going down the pooch disappears.

Well then. All clear? Perhaps this poor doll has been eating too much American food with her Korean-engineered Dipping Cup? For better wisecracks, read the comments on this Regretsy post, which is where I found out about the delightful farting baby doll.

Korean Farting Doll

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