Himalaya Blue Edition Forest Warlord by Bigfoot

Himalaya Blue Edition Forest Warlord by Bigfoot x Dragatomi

The “coolest” colorway of Bigfoot‘s 11-inch Forest Warlord vinyl toy emerges triumphantly from the trees at 12PM PST today. This Himalaya blue edition is exclusive to Dragatomi.

Himalaya Blue Edition Forest Warlord by Bigfoot x Dragatomi

I don’t care if it’s trendy: I love making gifs. This is the Forest Warlord’s story:

In the realm of the darkest dimension of magic and power of the earth’s soil dwells The Forest Warlord. Since the dawn of prehistoric times a select few of the Bigfoot race were chosen by Mother Nature to become Forest Warlords, The ultimate guardians of the forest! Meditating for 20 million years in a secret forest fortress, a Warlord waits to emerge until humans encroach in the Warlord’s sacred redwood territory.

The Forest Warlords use nature magic from which they were born to teleport, time travel, control vegetation, communicate telepathically with plants and animals, and unleash thunder and lightning of fury against perpetrators. The Forest Warlord is the master of misanthropy and is here to right all wrongs against Mother Nature. All construction companies, bulldozers, loggers, and their CEO’s and puppets shall feel the wrath of The Forest Warlord.

The Himalaya Blue edition is the only Forest Warlord to come with a 4-inch resin ice club sculpted by Chauskoskis. The mix of resin and vinyl is a nice addition, and if you already own Gama-Go’s Big Yeti, I think these two figures would be good friends.

Energizing the Tree Army by Bigfoot

Last year, I wrote about an issue I had with Bigfoot’s self-produced Forest Warlords. I was in the process of getting over it when I received the green Forest Warlord as a holiday gift (thanks David!), and I really dig the toy! As you can see, the Forest Warlord is more like a Peacelord when he’s surrounded by good buds. (Not Inspector Cumulus?!)

Stoner designer toys photo by @jeremyriad

And here’s a photo of Bigfoot wearing a Jerry Garcia t-shirt in a forest set design somewhere outside the country. He gets up to good adventures and worthwhile rants, which you can follow on Instagram. Meanwhile, The Forest Warlord Himalaya Blue edition is available for $95 only from Dragatomi today at 12PM PST here.

Bigfoot in a cave in Japan