Ghostly Travis Louie Stan Skelve

Ghostly Travis Louie Stan SkelveThe Circus Posterus Skelve is becoming a platform of sorts, albeit one that doesn’t suck at all. Travis Louie tweeted a sneak peek of “Ghostly Stan,” an upcoming production Skelve based on his original character. The 9-inch vinyl figure will come with a bowler hat, glass cyclops eye and removable slippers. Release info is forthcoming, so go ahead and follow Travis on Twitter. He says interesting stuff.

Vinyl Goddess reports that the initial Ghostly Stan colorway “is a white, candy-coated finish, with a hand-painted version to follow”. How nice will that candy-coated white look with our candy-coated white Luno the Moon Rovers by Sergey Safonov???

[UPDATE: Travis Louie’s Stan Skelve, edition of 66, will be available at SDCC 2011 at the Super7 booth!]

Stan Skelve by Travis Louie