Doktor A’s Absinthe-Themed Vinyl Toy

Doktor A's Chester Runcorn Absinthe Edition

Doktor A is getting into the Comic-Con spirit with a new edition of his liqueurious Chester Runcorn toys. The green Absinthe edition is limited to only 100 pieces available through producer Kuso Vinyl at SDCC booth #4937. The “green fairy” is presented in a green gift box for $65.

Doktor A's Chester Runcorn Absinthe Edition

Just look at his little green pants!

Doktor A's Chester Runcorn: Absinthe Edition

Apparently I’m not a very good Anglophile because most of England likes to hit the sauce, and me, not so much. So while I can’t personally vet the previous iterations of Chester Runcorn (“Port” and “Stout”), I do have a little experience with Absinthe.

Consuming Absinthe is a ritual that includes a sugar cube and a special, slotted spoon. (Who doesn’t love rituals?) The drink is green, and it’s purported to be hallucinogenic. It’s made up of herbs and flowers auspicious to health. Fans of absinthe included: Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde and Aleister Crowley. Over a hundred years ago, Emile Cohl,  a pioneer in animation made a short film called The Hasher’s Delirium. Check it out, and I’ll be seeing you in a couple weeks at booth #4937 to grab Doktor A’s green Chester Runcorn. (Just look for the guy in the green high-tops.)