Doktor A Chester Runcorn for Wondercon Debut

Doktor A Chester Runcorn (Port)

Much like unkempt mustache wax, the plot thickens. The first edition Doktor A┬áChester Runcorn (prototype shown here) is set to debut on March 16th at Wondercon for $65. This is the “Port” edition, and it can be found in its attractive green box, at the Kuso Vinyl booth.

Doktor A Chester Runcorn (Port)

Note to would-be Wondercon attendees: The formerly San Francisco-based convention has moved to Anaheim. Anaheim?! I guess we can’t have it all here in the Bay Area

Speaking of cities, Doktor A confirmed that Chester Runcorn’s name was, in fact, inspired by the two English towns. Unconfirmed still however is whether 1:10 Chester Runcorns will be shipped with a Sean Connery voicebox. Stay tuned for further details.

Chester Runcorn