Brandt Peters X Ferg Trouble Boy #10 [Hatchet]

Brandt Peters x Ferg Trouble Boy #10 [Hatchet]

Here we go again! First there was Got Away Clean. Next up was The Big Sleep. Then came this Retailer Version. (Somebody’s missing, right?) The Trouble Boys collaboration between Brandt PetersFerg (nominated in the Best Collaboration category in the Designer Toy Awards) is back. Limited to 250 pieces, the 6-inch Hatchet edition vinyl figure includes: 3 piece suit and tie, 2 axes, 2 sets of arms, 2 sets of lenses (black/amber), a removable stove-pipe hat and a helmet.

I’ve got one of the other Trouble Boys, and it has so much character in those 6 inches. I think Playge can continue to release iterations of the Trouble Boy figure safely (without the usual moaning about umpteen colorways) because both the demand and quality are so high. Also, each version is different enough from the last that it holds up on its own. Theoretically, this means there’s less of a need to be a “completionist,” and instead, you can pick and choose those versions that appeal to you most. I have to sit this one out, but I am digging that green hat!

Mark your calendar for the Hatchet release on Monday, May 9th at 12 noon CST, as these tend to go quickly. Make sure you’ve got $85 on your credit card balance and point your browser here: