Awesome Troll Doll Collection

Awesome Troll Doll CollectionThis is what I call your Get Out of Stigma Quick Card. If anyone should ever cast aspersions on your vinyl toy collection or if some smug coworker attempts to refer to your cubicle decor as “dolls,” I hope you will send them this URL with the subject heading: “IT COULD BE LIKE THIS.” It could be trolls. And by saying this, I am borrowing from the time-honored tradition of subjugating one underdog group to make my own group feel better.

But you know what? Fuck that. Trolls are cool. On the left, four rows up from the bottom, there’s a troll that you could swap a Squadt head onto and put in a show at Rotofugi. On the right, five rows up from the bottom, those green Frankenstein trolls are PIMP. And the overall presentation? It screams dedication. Nothing says “I spent my last dime on a troll doll” like some DIY shelves. So Nat and Cris? I salute you.

I’d like to end with this motivational quote lifted from the photo’s originating Flickr page:

Hello to all the collectors of trolls of the world
I go to join our better pastime and to carry out a movement to recover the lost reputation of the trolls
And to begin to form a part of a group of artists that as principal topic it has these beautiful prominent figures of collection

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep collecting what you love. The haters are just jealous.