Vintage Advertising: Sealtest Mr. Cool Mascot Puppet

Vintage Advertising: Sealtest Mr. Cool Mascot Puppet

Call For Extraordinary Cuteness

Frank Kozik, creator of the Smorkin’ Labbit, knows a thing or two about cute vintage advertising. Yesterday’s controversy over cannibalism and cake left me with a bad taste in my mouth, so today I’m exclusively posting stuff that’s SUPER CUTE. Mr. Kozik suggested that I “google seal test mr cool puppet,” and so I did. The Mr. Cool puppet pictured above is from 1962. Frank Kozik was born in 1962. #conspiracytheories

Vintage Advertising: Sealtest wrapper

Mr. Cool was the mascot of Sealtest, an early American Dairy Company that made classic ice cream treats and awesome vintage advertising promotions. I am Jeremy, an American writer who makes classic animated gifs.

Sealtest Spin-a-Treat vintage advertising

Below is an newspaper scan from May 23rd, 1963 offering kids their first opportunity to get a Mr. Cool Hand Puppet. Nowadays, a Mr. Cool Hand Puppet will cost you about $60. If you click this newspaper clipping, it will take you to Google, where you can explore the vintage advertising page in an enlarged fashion. Perhaps you’d like to know if you fit one of the precisely four categories of women in the upper left-hand corner?

vintage advertising with Sealtest ad

Here’s a video clip from 1978 illustrating how while Sealtest may be available at supermarkets, it tastes just like it’s from an ice cream parlour. Oh, to imagine a time when supermarkets seemed like magical places and not, well, this.