TAG Juried Resin Toy Show [Preview]

Toy Art Gallery‘s first Open Call Resin Juried Toy Show goes down this Friday at 7PM in LA. Resin toy-making has really exploded in the two years since Red Hot Robot held the Resin Collective. The following preview for the TAG show features 37 artists, some names you know, some you probably don’t (yet). Many of the artists entered multiple pieces (not shown), and there are still more artists to come. Resin is an exciting medium because motivated people can make interesting pieces on their own and at a relatively low cost. Click through to the preview, and check it out. If you feel like it, leave a comment, and let me know what you think of the work.

I’ll be on location at TAG to join fellow judges Spanky Stokes, Julie B and George and Ayleen Gaspar. It has already been alleged that I will play the Simon Cowell role in this competition. I guess that means Spanky is Randy Jackson (yo dog!) and perhaps a couple glasses of wine and a Valium will turn Julie B into Paula Abdul? (George and Ayleen will be playing themselves.) This ought to be fun. Hope to see you there.

[FYI: George and Ayleen, who have produced their own resin toys, made some good points on the topic in the most recent episode of Toy Break. The “real talk” begins around the 31-minute mark during episode 170. Jeremy “Valleydweller” Dale also pointed me to this 20-page toymaking Tips and Tricks thread on the October Toys Forum.]