Resin Mushroom Toys From TADO

Funghi mushroom toys by TADO

I love TADO [interviewed]. Their designs are cute, and yet there’s usually something a little edgy or slightly askew, even if I can’t always put my finger quite on it. Mike and Katie have announced the follow up to their resin Piggaphunts: a 4-inch resin mushroom toys in the form of a fella called Funghi.

Funghi mushroom toys by TADO

It’s nice to see TADO’s process, and from the pictures, it looks like the mushroom toys might have been 3D-modeled. Cool! Funghi is limited to an edition of 60 pieces and 35 different colorways. Hopefully no one is trying to be a completist with these because you’re basically looking at needing half the edition. Dang!

Funghi mushroom toys by TADO

TADO’s Funghi mushroom toys will be available tomorrow, December 16th in the TADO shop for £45 or ~ $70 USD. The Piggaphunts were sold at random, so I don’t think we’ll be able to choose specific colors. But maybe that’s OK. It’s rather like picking mushrooms in the forest: you’re never quite sure what kind of trip you’re going to have. (Kind of a psychedelic spin on Forrest Gump, isn’t it?)

These are sweet. Click through for process pics.

Oh yeah: I made a totally gratuitous gif of no relation to TADO whatsoever.

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