Ice Ice Baby: Brutherford’s Bite Size Ice Scream Men

Ice Scream Queen

If you thought Brutherford was onto some next level shit with last month’s Tarantino-tie-in “Badass Brown,” prepare to melt. Meet Phantom the Scream Queen and her bounty of bite-size Ice Scream Men! Fuzzy black cat? Check. Tiny toy food? Check. Somewhere in the world, there’s an imbalance of cute because of this.

Ice Scream Man BITE SIZE edition by BrutherfordThe Bite Size Ice Scream Men are hand-made by Brutherford using the finest organic milk and sugar urethane resin. They come in both flat-top (2.25-inch) and cone-head (3-inch) styles and a blind assortment of flavorways: Spiteful Strawberry, Villainous Vanilla, Malevolent Minstachio, Badass Brown, BOMB POP, Beelzebanana, Oil Slick, Grotesque Gold, Blackberry, Grape Ice, Aqua Glow, Strawberry Ice, Ice and a special golden ticket collaboration with Kevin Herdeman of Melt Monster acclaim.

Brutherford x Honkeylips Golden Ticket!

Individual Ice Scream Men will be on sale tomorrow, Friday, June 29th in the Brutherford shop at $15 each or in  sealed cases of twelve for $165. There are only forty-five cases in existence, and every single Ice Scream Man is hand-made by Brutherford himself.

Ice Scream Helpers

As for Scream Queen Phantom, she’ll soon be starring in a direct-to-YouTube production of Phantom the Scream Queen Batting the Spiteful Strawberry Ice Invasion (film still above).

Brutherford Ice Screams

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