Banksy Bootleg Toy by 2bitHACK

Banksy Bootleg by 2bitHack

From the Sucklord school of toy bootlegging, here’s the latest figure by 2bitHACK. 2bitHACK, whose previous works have taken a swipe at KAWS, now turns his attention to Banksy. The Smiley Copper figure is cast in resin, hand painted and limited to 10 pieces for $45 each. They may show up at Comic-Con on Saturday, July 14th or try his online store over the weekend.


2bitHack’s Smiley Copper Banksy Bootleg falls under Fun, Fair Use and Fair Game. My only gripe is how poorly the face is painted: I’d pick one up if the paint application was cleaner. I’m afraid there’s a growing misunderstanding in this scene that it’s cool to intentionally (or, I suppose, unintentionally) make resin figures look amateur. Unless you’re an outsider artist (look it up), and/or there’s some kind of context for your technique (or lack thereof), I’d like to suggest that handcrafters put their best feet forward. Smiley Copper is close to great, but his sloppy face leaves me a Frowny Blogger.



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