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This survey arose out of a discussion started by David Horvath on the Kidrobot toy forum. I think that before we can have a "Tech Crunch" for toys, we need to understand how the term "designer toys" has evolved. What are toy collectors most interested in today? UPDATE: This is my first time creating a poll. If you love it, we'll do more and I'll add some better explanations of the categories. If you have a question, please leave it in the comments, and I'll do my best to answer you! THANKS!
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Total voters: 190

Urban Vinyl? (graffiti, street culture)

Examples include: Madtoydesign and Sket One.
  1%    13%    27%    27%    30%  

Toy Art? (artist's affordable sculpture)

Examples include: Gary Baseman and Tim Biskup.
  1%    3%    20%    36%    38%  

Nature and Mysticism Designer Toys?

Examples include: Nathan Jurevicius and Pete Fowler.
  6%    5%    36%    33%    17%  

Inexpensive Blind-Box Toys?

Toys made by designers priced at $10 or less. They may be by one designer or a group series involving multiple designers.
      16%    33%    24%    26%  

Expensive, Bigger Sculptural Works?

These are not really "toys," but larger scale works in limited editions by designers in the community. Examples include: Frank Kozik and Blamo Toys.
  1%    9%    25%    43%    20%  

Other Materials like Wood?

Examples include: Pepe Hiller and Blamo Toys
  1%    10%    24%    28%    35%  

Other Materials like Resin?

Examples include: way too many to list here
  3%    5%    22%    38%    30%  

Functional toys? Toys That DO Something?

Examples include plant pots and key holders.
  2%    19%    39%    28%    9%  

Art Multiples?

Are you interested in paying a little more for an artist-made toy that is not playable or anthropomorphic? Examples include Bunny Grenades and Ice Scream Man.
  5%    11%    32%    33%    18%  

Mascot Toys?

Would you like to see more of your favorite companies have a character designer create a toy in the form of their mascot/logo?
  1%    34%    37%    18%    7%  

Toys With Simple, Minimal Designs?

Do you like toys that are very simple in design, form and paint?
  1%    6%    30%    42%    19%  

First-time Artists?

Want to see some new blood on the shelves of your local toy stores?
  2%    1%    17%    44%    34%  

Overseas Artists?

Would you like to see more toys designed by artists from other countries and cultures in toy stores?
  3%    1%    16%    42%    35%  

More Kaiju (Japanese Monsters)?

Would you be happy if it were easier to find traditional Japanese or neo-kaiju sofubi toys?
  1%    29%    26%    16%    26%  

Independent Artists and Artist Collectives?

Do you like buying directly from the artists themselves? Examples include Erick Scarecrow and Circus Posterus.
  1%    2%    12%    34%    48%  

More DIY, Blank and Customizable Toys?

Want more DIY toys that you (or other people) can customize? Examples include Kidrobot's Munny and Toy2R's Qee.
  3%    22%    40%    20%    13%  

Family-Friendly and Educational Toys?

Want to see more Uglydolls and I Heart Guts plush toys?
  5%    24%    46%    13%    9%  
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3 Responses

  1. Posted by: Gary (Twitter: @garygepetto) on May 11, 2012 at 12:32 am

    Great poll Jeremy.

  2. Posted by: Kylo76 (Twitter: @WachineMachine) on May 11, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Awesome poll! Tells me that some people like stuff and some people don’t like stuff and also some people don’t know very much. It is actually pretty interesting, especially that someone actually likes mascot toys which seems weird to me. One category I didn’t see is people who make toys who volunteer to be a part of an art show and then don’t send their pieces in, I don’t like their toys.

  3. Posted by: barbara frondel on May 13, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    I have one, but it was a gift. I would never have known about them otherwise, I like them but surely can’t take $ out of an already stretched budget to buy one.


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