Meme Toys from Barcelona’s Pussie Toys

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Meme Toys by Pussie Toys

Filed under So Bad It’s Good: Barcelona-based Pussie Toys was commissioned by Spanish Agency Tiempo BBDO to make a range of plush meme toys.

Meme Toys by Pussie Toys

Pussie Toys is the nom de guerre of 21-year old Clara. “By chance,” one of her hand-sewn stuffed animals made its way to Tiempo BBDO.

We loved it. We called and we proposed to start a small collaborative project with the aim to support and publicize the work. For this we made ​​a proposal, creating the first plush “meme” of history. That was eight months ago, after twists and turns, through a summer, various designs, packaging creation, photo shoots and video editing, the collaborative project between Pussie Toys and Tiempo BBDO today sees the light!

These are really fun, I must admit. And they look well-made too. Pussie Toys has an etsy page, but sad Keanu, there are no meme toys for sale.

Meme Toys by Pussie Toys

If you have no idea what you’re looking at, start here: Click through for more photos and a video about the meme toys.

Meme Toys by Pussie Toys


Meme Toys by Pussie Toys

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