Casiokids Teenage Stuffed Animal Cult Music Video

Casiokids Det Haster

Many readers reported feelings of melancholy and discomfort upon viewing Monday’s post featuring Ash’s Plush of the Dead photos. Imagine my sense of duty to you when I came upon this equally, if not more, disturbing video involving stuffed animals! Witness the horrors of “Det Haster!” by Norwegian synthpop ensemble, Casiokids. “Det Haster!” which translates to “It’s urgent!” was directed by Kristoffer Borgli. It concerns a teenage cult group and many unlucky stuffed animals. There are several “oh no you didn’t” moments in this one, but at the top (for me), it’s a tie between Alf getting bitch-slapped and tongue-kissed. You must watch this, and then download the song here.

[via Junk Culture]

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