Paper Synthesizers and Mini Analog Audio Equipment

Paper Synthesizers and Mini Analog Audio Equipment by Dan McPharlin

Dan McPharlin created an amazing series of miniature paper synthesizers several years ago, but, much like Doktor A’s H.R. Giger glasses, thanks to Internet magic, McPharlin’s synths are enjoying a second renaissance. Here’s McPharlin in a 2010 Sci-Fi-o-Rama interview answering “how intrinsic/influential is creating and listening to Music/Audio with your artwork”?

Music is very important. I feel a bit like I’m losing my soul if I’m not creating music regularly. The things I’m drawn to in music are similar to those I’m drawn to in visual art; form, space, atmosphere. I love music that evokes strange worlds, sound environments that seem more like natural phenomena than anything created by human or machine. I’m always listening to something while I work on my art; there are a handful of artists that tend to inspire the right mood while I’m creating; Gyorgy Ligeti, Arvo Part, Klaus Schulze, Jeff Mills, Basic Channel, Toru Takemitsu are a few names that come to mind.

Rad answer. Rad tiny paper synthesizers!

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