Multiversal Group Toy Art Show in Miami

This past weekend, as part of Miami’s Art Basel, Mike Franco of Wizard Sleeve Toys and friends hijacked an American Legion building and turned it into a colossal art event. The show was called Multiversal, and that it was: Not counting hallways, entryways and corridors, the event featured 4 rooms. I barely moved from the first room where toy art by Sket-One, Mike Slobot, Bob Conge, Jeremiah Ketner, Rsin, Ian Ziobrowski, Lana Crooks, Josh F+ Pearce, Jon Burgerman x Felt Mistress and our own SpankyStokes dominated the scene. An entire wall of the room was covered inch by inch with art, like 2D pieces by kaNO, 3D work by Nakanari and inspiring canvasses by emerging artists we’re likely to see grace the pages of Hi-Fructose

Read the rest on SpankyStokes’ site HERE.