The Sucklord Reveals New Projects at Comic-Con 2012

Sucklord Signing at DKE

The Sucklord continued to out several historically homoerotic characters in the form of bootleg action figures (as detailed here) during Comic-Con. Licorice Leslie was quick to sell out, no doubt owing to the freckleface being the first overtly lesbian toy in The Sucklord’s Gay Empire arsenal.

Sucklord's Gay Empire

Gay Enterprise and Gay Energon stuck around a bit longer, but I believe they’re also gone now. You can still pick up Gay Empire bootlegs and Microsexuals in the Suck Shop here. Despite the plethora of resin releases, The Sucklord also used Comic-Con as a time to reveal several new projects.

Sucklord's DTAs figure

The Sucklord will be hosting the 2012 Designer Toy Awards (this time in New York). During my brief stop at the Munky King Comic-Con party, SL showed me this prototype Sucklord host figure. Never one to let a merchandising opportunity escape, I’m sure these will be showing up for sale just before the awards take place.

SUCKset in plush by Gary Ham and The Sucklord

Another one in the pipeline is the SUCKset plush. The Sucklord is working with Gary Ham to recreate Ham’s 2011 wooden SUCKset as a talking doll. The minimal soft doll will maximize its Suckadelic persona by way of a voicebox. Stay tuned for more info, and click through for more pictures.

Sucklord with SUCKset plush

Sucklord with SUCKset plush

Annie Cruz and The Sucklord
Annie Cruz and The Sucklord

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