Jermaine Rogers at Comic-Con

Jermaine Rogers and Defaced GID Specimen

Um, how rad is this? Here’s how it happened.

Jermaine Rogers at SDCC 2011

Jermaine Rogers‘ Comic-Con booth contained a single case bearing the remaining Specimen and Squire vinyls produced by STRANGEco in the mid-2000s. While perusing (and then picking up) some awesome prints, it came to be that Matt and I each needed to get a figure “defaced” by Mr. Rogers.

Jermaine Rogers at SDCC 2011

My excellent new GID Specimen is imbued with the sentiment: “Kill Yr Ego. Find Yrself.” Matt chose a pink Squire. Classic Matt.

Aleppin Sane Busts by Jermaine Rogers and Plastic City

The new vinyls on display were Rogers’ Aleppin Sane busts. The character originated in a gig poster he did a few years back, and now it’s been brought to life as a 3D vinyl bust by Plastic City. Click HERE for more info on Plastic City at Comic-Con.

Click through for before and after views of Jermaine Rogers’ “defaced” “vintage” vinyl.

Jermaine Rogers' Specimens produced by STRANGEco

Jermaine Rogers' Squires produced by STRANGEco

Gold "Defaced" Dero

GID "Defaced" Kill Yr Ego Specimen