Atomic Weapons for Kids and Justifiable Arson for Teachers

Atomic Weapons Party Poppers

I was thinking it might be “fun” to print out a bunch of these parody vintage Atomic Weapons Party Popper adverts and leave them on cars outside the DMV…

Fun new technology actually allows you to burn up millions of people in enormous balls of flame who bother you. Also good for destroying buildings, wilderness, oceans. Makes more room for your stuff. People will listen up. Be the first on your block. Great at picnics, genocides. We’ve got lots at surplus prices. Order now. Shipped Express only.

Nickelback tweet

In an interesting convergence, I also stumbled upon another incidence of easily rationalized arson:

“Had a student ask me if the singer of Nickleback was Kurt Cobain. I failed the entire class and set them on fire.”


  1. That’s hilarious.
  2. Nickelback is spelled incorrectly.
  3. @DadBeard’s Twitter page utilizes a Twin Peaks background.

And finally, safety first: if you start a fashionable fire, France’s Fire Design has you covered!

Wine Extinguishers by Fire Design