There’s an Anthony Weiner Action Figure

Anthony Weiner Action FigureWhen plastic and politics collide, it really makes my tired, red eyes smize… It didn’t take long for Hero Builders to turn twitter’s favorite congressional flasher, Anthony Weiner, into an action figure. If you’re not familiar with the company behind classic toys like the Larry “I’m Not Gay” Craig doll, Hero Builders has made (according to them) a $1.5 million company out of custom and parody action figures. And just like much bigger global debacles, the Oxford, CT-based toy company all began with George Bush

The congressman Weiner action figure is available in standard ($39.95) and “enhanced” ($49.95) versions. His shorts are adorned with a Regretsy-worthy “Tweet this” decal, and for reasons I don’t understand, his Ken doll physique is referred to by Hero Builders as a “stealth body”. Mashable reports that the Weiner dolls are “selling like hot cakes” because the Hero Builders site is acting wonky. But if you really take a look at the 90s-looking HTML and broken gifs, couldn’t it be that the site just sucks? Try clicking and clicking and clicking here to purchase your very own Anthony Weiner action figure, and be sure to tweet me a twitpic.

[Makes a great gift set with another gem from today, the Phallus Chalice]