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23 Artists Turn AK-47s into Art Objects

Amnesty International award-winning photographer, Bran Symondson, brought together 23 artists for AKA Peace, a project tasking creatives to re-imagine fully decommissioned AK-47 assault rifles as art objects. Symondson describes the genesis
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Damien Hirst Pharmacy Ashtrays

Back in 1997, contemporary artist Damien Hirst became both a quasi-Chemist and a Restaurateur when he opened Pharmacy, his fashionable restaurant/bar in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. Hirst curated every design element
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Damien Hirst Dots or M&Ms?

The art world is a bit dotty these days, what with Yayoi Kusama in Australia and England and Damien Hirst everywhere else. Artist Henry Hargreaves, who you may recall
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