The Xanthian Marbles & the 1850s ABCs of London

Xanthian Marbles

Lest you think this blog is all poppycock (and popjects and pretty pug dogs), it’s time for some learning. The image above is taken from an 1850s Alphabet of London collected by The Gentle Author of The Spitalfields Life. And what are The Xanthian Marbles?

The Xanthian Marbles are a collection of ancient sculptures and friezes discovered in 1838 by English archaeologist, Sir Charles Fellows at Xanthus in Asia Minor. The Marbles, which are now at the British Museum, illustrate the mythology, modes of warfare and other manners of the ancient inhabitants of Asia Minor.

You can view the entire alphabet for its history and/or typography here. The Spitalfields blog features daily musings by an eloquent London dweller, and it is required reading for fellow anglophiles.