Dig For Fire: Art Inspired by the Music of The Pixies

Tonight, if you’re in Southern California, you’d be such a debaser not to go to Dig For Fire: Art Inspired by The Pixies, a group show curated by Kevin Titzer at C.A.V.E. Gallery. “I don’t think you could’ve walked into a university art department in the 90’s and not heard the Pixies music playing somewhere,” said Titzer. “They still inform the work I make today and I don’t think I’m alone.” He’s not. Not in the 90s and not now. Titzer goes on to cite one of the show’s influences as 90s music magazine Raygun, specifically its feature in which musicians visually interpreted songs from other bands. I didn’t know anyone else remembered Raygun!

The Pixies by Plasticgod
The Pixies by Plasticgod

Writes Titzer:

I wanted to recreate that feeling I had as a kid reading “Raygun” with these shows. The Pixies are one of my favorite bands and fit very nicely into whatI was looking for in a theme. The band has very visual lyrics and use lot’s ofcharacters in their songs. They are generally very narrative and also a bit openended and nonlinear. This gives the artists lots of room to stretch out with their interpretations and has made for a wonderfully diverse exhibition.

C.A.V.E. Gallery is located at 1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA.

"Bone Machine" by Macsorro
“Bone Machine” by Macsorro

Artists participating in Dig For Fire include: Ale Siniestro • Allison Sommers • Annie Owens • Aya Kakeda • Ben Kehoe • Casey Weldon • Chris Berens • Chris Cole • Chris Mars • Chris Sickels • Craig LaRotonda • Craww • Douglas Miller • Eric Eaton • JennyBird Alcantara • Jeremy Pruitt • John Casey • John Michael Gill • Jonathan & Valerie Nicklow • Joshua Charles Hart • Kathleen Lolley • Kelly Allen • Kevin Titzer • Lee Petty • Luke Chueh • Macsorro • Ojimbo • Plasticgod • PJ Fidler • Rik Catlow • Robert Hardgrave • Sergio Mora • Shaunna Peterson • Tim McCormick • Tom Haubrick

A full preview of the work is now online here. I’m bummed to be missing this show. Click through for a few of my favorites.

"You Fucking Die" by Luke Chueh
“You Fucking Die” by Luke Chueh

"Velouria" by Chris Cole
“Velouria” by Chris Cole

"Monkey Gone to Heaven" by Sergio Mora
“Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Sergio Mora
from "Monkey Gone to Heaven" by Kevin Titzer
from “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Kevin Titzer
"Gigantic" by Robert Hardgrave
“Gigantic” by Robert Hardgrave
"I Bleed" by JennyBird Alcantara
“I Bleed” by JennyBird Alcantara
"Bailey's Walk" by Chris Sickels
“Bailey’s Walk” by Chris Sickels
"Havalina" by Chris Berens
“Havalina” by Chris Berens
"Caribou" by Casey Weldon
“Caribou” by Casey Weldon
"Hey" by Ben Kehoe
“Hey” by Ben Kehoe
"Subbacultcha" by Eatcho
“Subbacultcha” by Eatcho
"Havalina" by Aya Kakeda
“Havalina” by Aya Kakeda
"Monkey Gone to Heaven" by Timothy McCormick
“Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Timothy McCormick