Sayz The Sucklord: “Being Tall is WACK.”

Here’s a great blast from the past with The Sucklord getting baited by a clueless offscreen narrator from VH1’s Can’t Get a Date, circa 2006. Quoth VH1: “Get a little more close and personal with Morgan and find out his thoughts on height and its effect on the ladies.” Quotability and a lesson in economics ensues.

VH1: What about height? Do you think it’s a problem being short?

SL: No, do you?

VH1: I think a lot of women want to go out with a guy that’s taller than they are.

SL: I know, I know. They did that survey where they asked all these women to list their ideal qualities in a man and almost the first thing they always said was tall. Oh well, sorry, you can strike that one off the list.

VH1: Yeah because you’re not tall.

SL: No I’m not.

VH1: But you can’t do anything about that.

SL: Doesn’t matter. I think being tall is wack. It’s wasteful. It takes up space. You have to eat more. You breathe more air. You block people. People can’t see because you’re standing there. What’s up with that? It’s just economical. I’m efficient.