Yves Behar Designs Cool Products for Pill Poppers

Yves Behar and Assaf Wand of Sabi
Yves Behar and Assaf Wand of Sabi

I don’t need to tell you that the United States healthcare system is an ugly, complicated mess. Well, Israeli expat Assaf Wand, founded Sabi, and while he can’t battle our broken insurance industry, he is working to inject some style and simplicity into the ways we take our medicine.

Sabi Collection

Wand posed the rhetorical questions:

Why should products that we use every day be cheap, poorly designed, low functioning and just plain ugly? Shouldn’t the things we use daily aspire to the highest standards of utility, design, and aesthetic?

As we move toward a culture of reduce and reuse, the answer is an overwhelming YES.

Sabi pill case

Enter Swiss-born, San Francisco-based designer, Yves Béhar, and Fuseproject. Add in the Japanese aesthetic of “sabi” (the notion of cultivated simplicity in daily living), and you’ve got a culture-spanning industrial design dream team. Imagine if these dead pill popper celebrities had enjoyed access to such smart pharmaceutical paraphernalia?

Sabi pill notebook

Check out this pill folio, for instance. It looks rather like an iconic Moleskine, don’t you think? It holds 2 weeks of medicine in a flat discreet notebook. In fact, you could probably “hack” this $25 deluxe pill case to include a thin notepad on the inside cover and a pen hooked onto the blue elastic band. Boom: pills, pen and paper! You’re a regular Hunter S. Thompson! This is the kind of cross-pollination that Fab.com loves, and you can  currently find the folio, and other Sabi goods, on the discount site for another 24 hours.

Click through for more Sabi, including some serious ‘design porn’ in the form of pages and pages of Yves Béhar’s concept sketches. Dare I call this “popped art”?!

Sabi pill diary

Sabi also makes a pill diary, and Béhar mentions that taking daily medicine is indeed like keeping a journal. The Sabi product innovates on its predecessors by including detachable cases for short trips within a complete discreet folio.

Sabi pill folio

Another folio, to hold a week’s worth of clip-on Sabi holsters, is coming soon. I find this design extremely appealing, as I imagine also do style-conscious college kids looking to deal their surplus Adderall and Oxycontin around campus…

Sabi pill splitter

This is the Sabi pill splitter…because sharing is caring. The product claims to slice and dice your medicine into perfect halves and quarters so you always get the correct dosage.

Sabi pill and water combo case

Finally, there’s the Sabi Grande Carafe. This could be a very good solution for a bedridden patient or for the distribution of medication and clean water in third world countries. Of course, I can also imagine folks using the carafe to combine vodka and pills, which is never a good idea. R.I.P. Jani Lane.


You can buy Sabi’s sexy pill products here. More stylish innovations for everyday objects are on the way.