The Vegetabrella: Romaine for When it Rains

Vegetabrella by Tokyo Noble

Wise men from Bing Crosby to Perry Como to Agent Gordon Cole have advised letting a smile be your umbrella. Well the maker’s of this week’s ultimate popject have other ideas. When it rains, grab some romaine. Presenting: The Vegetabrella.

Vegetabrella by Tokyo Noble

The Vegetabrella was designed by Yurie Mano of Tokyo Noble. It’s a fully functional umbrella in the form of a head of lettuce. From the crinkly effect of the green polyester to the blue barcoded tie, it’s pure popject perfection.

Vegetabrella by Tokyo Noble

Such vegetarian rainy day fun comes at a price. The Vegetabrella is available outside of Japan for ~ $60 USD here.

Click through for a new musical pairing and a brand new television pairing!

vegetarian rainy day fun

I’d like to take this opportunity to issue a warning to those of you readers who are superstitious people. If you open The Vegetabrella over your head while indoors, you will turn into Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall.