The Furry Fishball Chair

Fishball Chair by Jason Goh

I don’t really know if this is my dream or my nightmare, but it’s a chair inspired by a fishball designed by Jason Goh of Singapore.

Fishball Chair by Jason Goh

Yanko Design reports:

When designer Jason Goh would play with his food as a child (his favorite being fish balls), his grandma came up with a scary fish ball monster story to deter him. She said that if he kept playing, the fish balls would turn into a big hairy monster and eat him up! Bringing the story to life, this monstrous Moyee  chair inspires play in kids and adults alike.

Once again, we confront that hazy midway between kinda cute and distinctly scary.

Fishball Chair by Jason Goh

Goh designed the fishball chair in the spirit of Roly Poly toys, so sitters can rock without rolling (over). It does seem like you could get cozy and disappear in there. It also reminds me of an even more gigantic version of Andrew Bell’s Massive Worrible!

Massive Worrible by Andrew Bell