Colorful TADO x GOLA Sneakers and Bags

TADO x GOLA bags

No matter what you say about me, you can’t say I don’t gif a shit about TADO. Because I really, really do. I’ve just gif’d the shit out of their new range of trainers (that’s sneakers in British) and bags. TADO x Gola is what success looks like. Why? Because I don’t need any bags or sneakers, and yet I suddenly want bags and sneakers.

TADO x Gola sneakers

The TADO x Gola bags are about 14″x10″ for ~$50USD. The TADO x Gola sneakers┬árun the gamut from casual to athletic to flipflops. Everything is bursting with color and character. I hope they sell a ton. Remember: UK men’s shoe sizes are 1/2 size down from US men’s sizes. Ladies sizing is more complicated, so consult this chart.

Coming in the next few weeks: another excellent piece of wearable TADO art AND an interview!

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