Cat-toure: Polo Shirts and Hoodies for Cats

Cat (It's OK, It's Not OK) by David Shrigley

Cat (It's OK, It's Not OK) by David Shrigley

Clothes for cats: yes or no? British artist David Shrigley seems to answer the polarizing question with a sculpture. Cat (It’s OK, It’s Not OK) (above) can be seen IRL in his current exhibition, Signs, at Anton Kern Gallery in New York.

…And then there’s Preppy Cat in his popped collar polo. If while we’re sleeping, our cats stage epic revivals of John Hughes movies, this cat plays the villain.

Cat-toure cat polo shirt

I’m just going to come right out and state my opinion that polo shirts for cats are ridiculously cute. These cat clothes are made by Elyse and Jeff Kastin, co-founders of Cat-toure, the first exclusive-for-felines clothier. On their website’s FAQ, they respond to: “Will my cat like wearing clothing?”

Some cats LOVE wearing clothing, others don’t mind and some will take time adjusting to it. They like the warm, comfy, cozy and secure feeling of being wrapped up; relaxed and calm, making them feel at ease.

So basically: It’s OK, It’s Not OK!

Cat-toure cat polo shirt

Tyra Banks called to say this cat looked fierce on the cat walk.

Cat-toure cat hoodie

Yep, there’s hoodies too. Cat-toure’s polos, hoodies and tank tops for cats are currently on sale at Meow here.

Cat-toure cat hoodies