Get Your Own Custom Hipster Animal Portrait!

Custom Hipster Animals

I’ve previously blogged about illustrator/comedian, Dyna Moe, whose Hipster Animals are “like Richard Scarry characters [at] a Grizzly Bear show.” Last time, I wondered if my closest hipster animal was the Social Media Branding Analyst. But now I no longer have to compromise for a denim jacket layered over a lilac cardigan, because the artist is offering Custom Hipster Animals!

Hipster Animals Anniversary

For $100, Dyna Moe will create a one-of-a-kind Hipster Animal for you. You will receive the illustration as a hi-res PDF, and the animal is yours to use as you please (so long as you act with common courtesy). The best part is, you supply the information. She suggests a couple examples:

  • Tell me the title and the animal, I make the rest up.
  • Send me a picture of your cat and a photo of some asshole in the crowd at Coachella, and I’ll merge the two into one
  • Send me a picture of your girlfriend, and tell me to draw her as a gorilla
  • Send me dozens of links to items on ModCloth, creating an outfit for “some kind of bird,” I make the rest up.
Unlike her regular commissions, this is a one-shot (no multiple drafts) situation, and the results will be delivered in 2-4 weeks. See details here and contact her at hipsteranimals [at] gmail [dot] com.
Hipster Animals: This is for you, Kyle Nelson.
Hipster Animals: This is for you, Kyle Nelson.

I’m all over this idea: I relish the opportunity to be characterized in the styles of artists I admire! [Remember this?] I need to think a little bit about my Hipster Animal title, however. “Obsessive Compulsive Designer Toy Blogger” just isn’t quite right. Please leave me your suggestions as comments below or tweet them @jeremyriad! On that note, you should be following @dynamoe. She is hilarious. Click through for a few of my favorite quips.

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