Do You Experience Pencil Envy?

Pencil storage towers

Just to piggyback on that last post about the beauty of pencils…it’s worth noting that while some people elevate pencil design to an almost religious status, ultimately, it’s not the pencil’s good looks that matter, but how you use the pencil itself. This got me thinking about the old “size matters” debate. Above, we have some storage towers disguised to look like gigantic pencils (and, in my imagination, also filled with pencils). (Tangentially, if you enjoy looking at customized storage towers, take a gander at these Japanese water tanks.)

Pencil Envy?

Now here we have a German Faber Castell advertisement for pencils from 1928. That’s a mighty big pencil he’s got there! And what a suggestive pose for the time!

Pencil Envy?

Let’s take a closer look. Kinda makes you have pencil envy, doesn’t it? #moneyshot

Memento mori

He who dies with the most pencils wins! [all images via Lexikaliker!]

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