Designer Fire Extinguishers Disguised as Wine Bottles

Wine Extinguishers by Fire Design

Here’s further proof that any object can be customized and that France continues to win the “thinking outside the box” [see: graffiti on prosthetic legs] Design-on-Anything award. Fire Design is the first company to merge fire safety and design with their signature product: fanciful fire extinguishers. The functional products typically cost $200, but are $124 for the next 24 hours through Fab’s “fire sale”.

Designer Fire Extinguishers

Rudolph Gimenez is Fire Design’s founder:

“Unlike our European neighbors, only 5% of French households are equipped with a fire extinguisher. Moreover, in France, a fire breaks out every 2 minutes. Based on this observation, and to protect my family, I created Fire Design. [We must] no longer hide [our] fire extinguishers, and fire safety [should be] combined with design. “

Fire Design brings “more than 20 years” of expertise in fire safety to the design game. The company launched in 2009 and currently distributes its designer fire extinguishers to over 200 outlets in France and some 60 overseas. Initially, I had mixed feelings on these. While fire extinguishers in the form of French wine bottles make terrific popjects, would people think to reach for them as their houses went up in flames? I asked my friend Mike the Fireman, and he replied: “Chill. You’re overreacting.”

Fire Designs’ graphics span the gamut from arty to sporty to smiley to romantic to geographic with a bit of everything else thrown in (peacock feathers?). Considering all that creativity, I couldn’t help thinking of an alternative use for these fire extinguishers. Remember Kidult, and his fire extinguisher-assisted graffiti attack on high-end fashion retailers in Paris, London and New York?

Perhaps this video will refresh your memory. Coincidentally, Kidult also hails from France. BONUS: How to Paint With a Fire Extinguisher from Instructables.

Click through for designer fire extinguishers with sports iconography, glam girls, super heroes, Swiss alps and a lovely his and hers idea I comped up for next Valentines Day. Fire Designs is currently featured on with about 20 hours left in the sale. After that, visit their French website for more info.

Sports fire extinguishers by Fire Design

Designer fire extinguishers by Fire Design

Glam fire extinguishers by Fire Design

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