Designer Cat and Dog Bowls for Alessi

The walls of this Designer Toy Dream House were stacked with eye candy, but an object along the floor caught my attention: a designer pet dish by Miriam Mirri for Alessi. The Italian designer created the Lupita, Tigrito, Lulà and Miò cat and dog bowls to address the under-served fancy furball market.

Alessi Lulà dog bowls

Alessi produces amazingly aesthetic household items that are equal parts toy art and design object. These designer cat and dog bowls aren’t cheap, but damn they’re cute. If you’re in the US, you can order online here. Or click the “Online Store” tab here to find ordering info wherever you (and your cats and dogs) live.

Alessi Miò cat bowls

Alessi Tigrito cat bowls

Alessi cat and dog bowls by Miriam Mirri

LulàJar jar for dog food and MiòJar jar for cat food by Miriam Mirri