Coffee-Scented Building Blocks

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eco-friendly building blocks

It’s as if someone spilled a drink on some Lego bricks and had an epiphany: What if we made eco-friendly building blocks out of old coffee? (Stranger caffeinated ideas have come to fruition. Remember Raúl Laurí’s lamps made of “decafé”?)

eco-friendly building blocks

Meet Earth Blocks: building blocks created in Japan from a composite of recycled materials (including coffee beans, green tea leaves, sawdust and tree bark). The bean-n-bark blocks are being offered through Spoon and Tamago’s current flash sale.

What’s amazing is that they’re made from so much biomass that they don’t smell like plastic – they smell like coffee, or the respective material they’re made from. Guaranteed hours of creative building and sniffing!

If building and sniffing sounds like a good time to you, pick up a set of 50 blocks for $30 here through September 30th. Awesome!

eco-friendly building blocks

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