Burka Boards from Skateistan

Burka Board by Juan James for Skateistan

The Burka Board is a provocative skate deck design by Carlton DeWoody and Sebastian Errazuriz (aka Juan James). It was was originally created as part of a charity skateboard exhibition for Skateistan, a seriously RAD organization that happens to be Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school.

Skateistan skateboards

This is cool: “Skateistan is dedicated to teaching both male and female students. It aims to build indoor and outdoor skateboarding facilities in which youth can come together to skateboard: here, they forge bonds that transcend social barriers. Here, they’re enabled to affect change on issues that are important to them.”

The Burka Board

At $1,800, the Burka Board (an edition of ten) isn’t cheap, but think of the adorable Afghan skate Bettys! Available from Grey Area here. Check out what Skateistan is up to here.