What’s So Great About Instagram Videos? THIS!

You probably noticed that this week Instagram added video capability. It was inevitable. I like to think it went down with Facebook and Vine at a urinal having a pissing contest [NSFW] with Mark Zuckerberg glancing over and proclaiming, “Your clips are six seconds long. My clips are FIFTEEN seconds long.”

At first I thought, who cares? What additional value will Instagram videos provide in my already plentifully distracted lifestyle? And that’s when it hit me. I can now watch and listen to clips of my favorite cats and their people. For instance, in the video below, fancy Bengal cat Edward Goralsky can be heard pre-puking while artist Frank Kozik inquires, “What?” I don’t think I’m being dramatic by suggesting we’ll look back on this like the moment when silent films switched to Talkies.

I for one cannot wait to look up my favorite feline friends like Grumpy Cat [previously] and Snoopy Babe [previously] and while away the hours. It looks like my pal Princess Monster Truck hasn’t yet made the transition from Vine to Instagram, so I’ll leave you with this. Have a lovely weekend!