Pixar Studios Tour

Over the bridge and into Emeryville…we arrive at Pixar Animation Studios. This was one of the most important places to visit for (left to right) Kaz, Nao, Shin, Chota, Akiko and Mike. Huge thanks to Jeff Pidgeon for making it happen and being our trusty guide for the Pixar Studios Tour.

The Pixar atrium is a world of photo opportunities. Here’s Chota and Nao as action figures.

And here’s Nao showing Shin she can pull her weight.

You are totally not allowed to take pictures upstairs at Pixar, but Jeff said we could shoot a few. Here’s Jeff and Nao with a sketch he did for a girl who was on our tour doing a school project on Pixar.

And here is aforementioned lucky school girl in center flanked by friend, bro, Nao and Lotsos. Our little tour contingency bought up several of these big guys. I bet you are wondering how they got these back to Tokyo?

Well, after unpacking and installing all the artwork for LOVE MOVEMENT, they had some surplus luggage real estate. Photo by Shin.

And now, I give you…cute overload. First up: Shin and Nao.




Mike and Akiko.

While we were in the East Bay, we had to go get gigantic American hamburgers and milkshakes at Barneys. To my knowledge, no one experienced any gastrointestinal distress!