A Frank Kozik Studio Visit

Of course, no toy collector’s experience of San Francisco is complete without a Frank Kozik¬†studio visit!

I like to check in with Frank periodically, you know, keep it real. He’s always got some nugget of wisdom (thanks for the career advice) and a variety of works in progress.

Chota, Nao and Shin on Labbit stools. SUGOI!

This is a regular-sized Sharkie as seen in the little-known sequel film, Honey I Shrunk the Kozik.

Frank Kozik and Shin Tanaka.

Kozik signs his newest toy-take on Hello Kitty. The kawaii Sanrio character is in large part responsible for Frank getting into toy design, so there’s a lot of full-circle/Matrix stuff happening in this photo.

We stayed until it grew dark, but it was still light enough to spot this rat nearby (see green background near center of photo) from when Banksy hit up San Francisco last summer.

I love having visitors. It really makes me appreciate the sights that I might otherwise begin to take for granted, and I learn a lot in context about other cultures. Until the next toy tour, sayonara!