Sandra Hartness Poodle Stylist

Sandra Hartness poodle stylist and T.M.N.T. poodle

Speaking of dogs…In case you’re unsure what you’re looking at here, the thing above that kinda looks like a little like Catbus from the anime, My Neighbor Totoro, is actually Cindy, a live poodle, who has been dyed and shaved to resemble a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Thank goodness for The Learning Channel (TLC) and it’s incredibly educational desensitizing programming, or else I’d be shocked out of my seat to see this.


Here’s Cindy again, this time as a “large garden snail,” courtesy of her “award winning groomer,” Sandy Paws. (Because if I did this to another living being, I’d use a pseudonym too.)

Sandra Hartness poodle stylist and Camel Dog

Sandra Hartness poodle stylist anticipates the critics though, and offers this as a disclaimer:

For those who are overly concerned about the dogs emotions. Cindy loves the attention. She will prance around and expects your attention. This is a Creative Grooming Contest and Cindy will look like this for only a few hours. After the contest Cindy will be clipped into a normal poodle haircut.

Hmmm…a really great yet very mean rebuttal to Hartness is at the tip of my tongue right now, but I’ll just keep referring back to Your Dog Is Not A Canvas. Click through if you feel like seeing Cindy as Pac-Man and more.

[via: Lost at E Minor]