Real Life Playge Rat 1/6 Scale Figure

Ferg as Playge Rat

It’s been a couple months since I had an update to the Real Life Toy Art Character Index. The RLTCI is an archive of people who transform themselves into toy art, essentially, albeit temporarily, becoming life-size toys. (It’s more “costume” than “cosplay”.) Back in April, I featured a Real Life Cherry Girl by Camille Rose Garcia. Today, we’ve got Ferg decked out with suit, gun and 382U green tie just like his DTA-award winning 1/6 scale Playge Rat!

Best 1/6 Scale Figure at the DTAs

Ferg now joins Brandt Peters as Slap Happy as designers who merge with their creations. Other Real Life Toy Art Characters include a larger-than-life Tobysultry KAWS companions, a life-sized kaiju, and a life-sized Nurse Chika by Junko Mizuno.