Physical Animated Gifs

What if you combined three things I really like: animated gifs, zoetropes and artists into one Kickstarter project? You’d get Greg Borenstein Scott Wayne Indiana’s Physical Gif. Using modern laser technology, they’re transforming designer animated gifs into physical zoetropes and “bringing the animated glory of the old-timey web onto your actual desktop”.

A $50 pledge gets you one of their three designs: The Elephant-Rabbit, BMX, or New York Fireworks plus a strobe light. With a record player, or maybe a lazy susan, you’re all set to animate your physical gif. For $100, you get all three designs. At the $250 level, you get a special artist-commissioned physical gif by Ryder Ripps, Nullsleep, Sara Ludy or Sterling Crispin.

There are plans in the works to publish laser cutter files, so anyone can DIY their own physical gif. Bonus read: Great article on the triumph and staying power of the humble animated gif. Viva la gif!